Radiant Ochid - A Small Collection

In celebration of the colour purple and especially the Pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, I searched my house high and low for some purple treasures. And found. .
Collection of purple items
that I didn't have much of anything that was purple! I have a few more fabrics than the gingham one shown. And from the collection of pencil crayons left over from 3 boys, I found more than one of each of the shades shown here! Buttons - I have plenty in pink and red and blue, but only a few that I could really say were purple (and the flower ones are borderline - more pink than purple in my eyes!)

Do you have any colours that are noticeably absent from your home? your quilting supplies?

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  1. I have a few purples in my fabric stash but otherwise- purple doesn't live at my house ! Sorry, I lied - sometimes I have purple flowers !

  2. Purple is my favorite color, so I have lots, including purple glass and other decorations. One bathroom has a purple floral print curtain, and deep purple mats and towels, with floral accents and accessories. My bedroom has purple walls, quilts, and accents. I have no decorations in green, orange or yellow (unless it's in the fabric/decorations for holidays). Those colors show the least in my fabric collection, too. You won't find those colors in my clothes, either. I'm thrilled that this year's color is orchid. It's definitely one I use, so now I get to see it more!

  3. Not a lot of purple here either, but it's my Grandma's favorite color! I do love purple lilacs, though!

  4. Ha, I love purple! I just got fuzzy purple pjs so I can take my puppy out in the middle of the night. Purple is an awesome color! :P


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