Mini Quilt Challenge

My quilt guild (Dalemead Quilt Guild) is having a quilt show this October. Part of that show is going to be a display and auction of mini quilts made by our members. Last week, we had a work bee to get started. 
I picked this pattern from Issue #45 of Miniature Quilts from 1999. The pattern called for 1.25" scrap squares, but I decided to use the 1.5" squares I've already cut and collected. 
I randomly picked squares and sewed them together into 4-patch blocks. Then I cut 2x 2 3/8" cream colored squares and cut them once diagonally. 
These triangles were sewn to the sides of the 4-patch making a square in a square block. 
I find these blocks tend to stretch a bit so I will square them up before I use them in a quilt top. These should be 3.5" unfinished, but my seams are not always a scant 1/4" and often they end up just a bit smaller. 
I need 35 of these blocks, so I am going to cut all the cream squares I need and sew them in between the other projects I have on the go. 



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