T-shirt Quilts

One of the more popular memory quilts that are made are T-shirt quilts made from shirts collected over the years, either school or sport shirts or travel souvenirs. There are tutorials all over on line, so do a search if you want to make your own! I started this one with a collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts from a friend who has been all over the world. 
Blurry picture of pile of T-shirts! (Sorry for the bad photo!)
All that stretchy goodness that makes T-shirts so comfortable is not what makes for a great quilt. So the first step is to stabilize the pieces with some light weight fusible non-woven interfacing. Pieces are cut a little larger than needed, stabilized and then trimmed to size.
A few T-shirts trimmed down with stabilizer on the back
Some of these will be cut down even more and some extra fabric will be added to join everything together. This is not the final layout! My process is to put pieces up on the design wall, look at them for a while, and then decide on a final layout. Pieces will be moved and shuffled around until they look balanced (color, scale) and then they will be pieced together.
All the T-shirts, now for a layout!
I originally thought I would piece these together with a black cotton, but I have some dark gray that will look good and maybe I will pick up some burgundy to add a bit of muted color.

Look for a finished top sometime in the next few weeks - this will be a project that has to simmer a bit and not finished in a hurry!

edited to add:
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  1. Love these so far. Grey goes with everything! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


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