Alaskan Treasures!

Cruise ships docked at Skagway Alaska
After spending a week on an Alaskan cruise, I am slowly getting back to normal. I miss our room steward who came in while we were at breakfast and made our bed and straightened our room. I miss the ease of not having to think and plan for meals! I miss that our stateroom was situated in such a place that we were able to build in walking and stairs into our daily routine and we were able to put on our 10,000 steps daily. I miss the gorgeous scenery and especially wish we could have spent more time in Ketchikan where there were beautiful flowers everywhere and lots to see!

Fabric bought in Juneau Alaska
I am glad to be home though, and have some ideas for new products for my shop and ideas for new quilts. You'll see more of that over the next few months! I'm not sure if the fabric I bought in Alaska will end up in products for my shop or if I will use it for projects closer to home.

Antique postcards reproduced on fabric
Till next time, happy stitching!


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  1. Love the post cards! Those look they will be fun to put together in a quilt! I loved Alaska. We took a small cruise ship in the inner sections. Want to go back!


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