T-shirt Quilt Finished!

I love to travel! And sometimes it seems just a little unfair that my sweet husband, who is very much a homebody, gets to travel with his job.
Completed T-shirt quilt
 And I have been having some twinges of envy of my friend, who's travels have resulted in a collection of T-shirts that she's asked me to make into a quilt. As I piece, I imagine what it might be like to be in London, Paris or the Great Wall of China!
T-shirt logos getting arranged for piecing
After backing the T-shirt logos with light-weight interfacing, they were cut out and placed on the design wall to find the best layout. Because pieces weren't all the same size, pieces of black, gray or deep burgundy were added to bring them all together.
Pieced in sections
There's no border - just a plain black binding to pull it all together and a lovely deep gray flannel for the back - perfect for snuggling on a cold winter's evening or for watching fireworks on a cool summer night!
Cozy flannel backing
How about you? Do you love to travel? What destinations are on your bucket list? And do you have a collection of souvenir T-shirts stashed away somewhere?

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