From Garage Sale to Completed Quilt

Rainbow Blazing Star
This lovely quilt started as a kit found at a garage sale by my sister-in-law. The details are hazy due to the passage of time, but it somehow ended up in my closet as a UFO (Unfinished Object) or as I prefer, a PHD (project half done). It's been pulled out more than a few times, hung on the design wall and puzzled over how to best finish it.

You see, the centre of this beauty was stretched all out of proportion and when the points of the star were pieced together, the middle of the quilt was quite poofy - in fact, a small animal could have lived in that puffy space. So I ripped carefully took out the seams, just at the centre, took in the seams and finally ended up with a centre that was workable, even though it still had some puffiness to it. 

I then added the gray background and it makes this vintage 70's quilt top look incredibly like a modern quilt. 

My long arm quilter, Marie at Blueberry Hill Quilts picked a great pattern to quilt on it and did a terrific job at the centre - no puckers or excess puffiness. It is only because we have a good working relationship that I even asked her to quilt this one for me - it's not the long-arm quilter's job to quilt out mistakes that can be avoided by accurate piecing.

This quilt is now back at my sister-in-law's and I'm happy she wanted it back!

Do you have any garage sale projects to finish?? I'd love to hear about them!

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