T-shirt Quilts finished!

Finished these two beauties for a friend last month! Although I haven't seen my friend for a number of years (I went to school with her sister), we have been out of touch for most of our adult lives and now that we are both empty nesters, it has been fun to catch up through Facebook and more recently, in person. 
T-shirt Quilt
Although I sometimes think that technology has way too strong a hold on me and my time, I do love the way it keeps me in touch with people that I would otherwise not cross paths with on a regular basis.
T-shirt Quilt
I have one more quilt to make for this family before Christmas, and I will be sharing it with you when it is complete.


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  1. Hi Ann,

    I'm writing from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop and wanted to know if you would like to link up to Blogathon Canada this year.

    You can see the details on our blog.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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