Clothing Memory Quilt

Fabrics from a tiny human are deconstructed and cut up and reconnected in a memory quilt. Adult clothing is much easier as the pieces can be larger and the patterns are generally a little more toned down than children's clothing.
 Auditioning possible layouts. I wanted to keep some of the pieces as big as possible, so the details wouldn't get lost in the busy quilt. I also added grey squares that formed paths through the quilt and gave the eye somewhere to rest, kind of like a path in the middle of a flower garden.
 Cutting, piecing, adjusting until the whole layout was complete.
 Still playing with the layout.
 Filling in the last spaces.
Adding a grey border to finish everything and contain the chaos!
 Quilting by Marie Lingwood of Blueberry Hill Quilts in Chestermere.
As you can see, there's everything from baby blue pastels to bright yellow and orange and even Christmas fabrics in this quilt.

And I'd love to show you the completely finished quilt, but I didn't take a photo before it was picked up. Hopefully, these in-progress photos are enough!



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