WIP List for 2019

What is a WIP?? In my quilting world, a WIP is a work-in-progress. To get onto my WIP list, fabrics and maybe a pattern have been chosen and the fabric has begun to be cut into the pieces needed. If it's just a pile of uncut fabric and a pattern, it's not making the list! 
  1. Yellow Lady's Slipper and Sashiko border (2010)
  2. Hexagon tea cozy (2015)
  3. Rug Hooking Pansies (2017)
  4. Blue Sky Libby's Log Cabin (2017)
  5. Frog pond with Sashiko
  6. Pizza Box Blocks
  7. Rainbow 9-patch
  8. Good Fortune Mystery
  9. Tea Cozies
  10. Through the woods
I think I've made good progress at getting the older projects off my list. Some I actually finished, others were repurposed into other projects, and one or two I gave away. I've probably got at least double this many projects that are piles of fabric with a pattern or an idea and those I'll get to when I can. 

Ten is a manageable list for me and I love to make lists, just for the sake of being able to cross something off when it's completed. (And sometimes, I'll add something to a list just to be able to cross it off and say I've finished it! Shhh, don't tell!)

What's your oldest project?
Are you a list maker?
Inquiring minds want to know!



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