Silver Garden Markers

I've had this assorted collection of family silverware for a long time. Some of it is from my grandparents and some from my husband's family. Rather than have it sit hidden in a drawer or closet somewhere, I've been on the look out for some projects to make with them.
You will need a hammer and a surface that can take a few nicks and dents (a scrap board) and a set of these:
I found my set of alphabet stamps at Princess Auto for only $11.99. I can see many other uses for these in the future.

Gently hammer the spoon until it is flat. If you look closely, you can see the marks I've made in my picnic table - a scrap board would be a much better surface!

Now, plan out your lettering. Longer words will require closer spacing and you'll want your label to be reasonably centered. Don't try to be perfect - there's more charm when there's a flaw or two! When positioning the stamp, think about which way the letter should face before stamping. Once you're sure the letter is facing correctly and in the right place, give a couple good solid taps with the hammer to set the image.
You could always rub in a little black paint or marker to make the letters stand out even more, but I think I will leave mine and let weather and time take care of the patina.
Now, if only the sun would stay shining, so everything can grow - this would be perfect!

Happy crafting,


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