Dresden Star Quilt Block

I have tons of ideas in my head and fabrics in my stash that are just waiting to be made into quilts. And then there are the patterns that have been bought, but never used. The Dresden Star pattern and templates were bought some time ago, but it seemed to be a bit complicated and I kept putting it aside in favour of something simpler.

Getting my supplies together
Cutting the wedges for the Dresden star
Sewing the points of the Dresden wedge
Point is made and needs to be pressed
Adding the star triangles
Another wedge goes on top
The star points are pressed flat
Centering on background square
And a circle over the center
Now, it's all ready to be appliqued to the background square. This will probably be a take-a-long project for when I need some handwork. I won't be making a lot of these squares any time soon as they are quite time consuming - took me close to 4 hours to make one block! It may be a project for a quilt retreat or sometime when I have a couple days of just sewing time without interuptions.


Edited to add: The pattern is from Laundry Basket Quilts as are the templates. The star points (in yellow) are basically a triangle folded in half, sewn into the Dresden seam and then flattened with an iron.


  1. LOVE THIS! I, too, have the Dresden Star pattern... some where... and want to use it for an upcoming blog HOP that I've signed up for! Hope you don't mind, but I've linked to this wonderful blog post in MY post today!!! dancingmoonfarmsteadblog.wordpress.com


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