Saturday, 2 July 2011

More Maple Leafs

I had so much fun making the maple leaf blocks for the potholders that I made a few more and put them together for a little quilt that could hang on the wall or be used as a table mat. I liked the way the blocks form a wreath when placed with the stems all in the center.
 I haven't done any machine quilting with metallic thread for a while and this project was in need of some sparkle, so out came the gold metallic thread. It took me a while as the thread kept breaking as I quilted. To prep for quilting with the metallic thread, I ensured that my bobbin area was clear of dust and lint, put in a new needle and loosened the top tension a bit. Even with all that prep, it was disappointing to have the thread break as often as it did.
Leaf veins in gold metallic thread add interest to the block
Anyone else have any tips for quilting with metallic threads?