Hand-Dyed Fabrics

Just ordered some Procion MX dyes online - so I can make some hand-dyed fabrics. It's been a few years since I've done this - maybe 10 years! Yikes! Time flies! I did a jam jar dyeing class with a friend and the end result was a rainbow of 24 fabrics in bright colours. I made a quilt for my youngest son from these lovely fabrics and went hunting for a photo. Unfortunately, the photos I found do not give any sense of the brilliant colours or show any of the details of the quilting - my first attempt at quilting with metallic thread.

It is still the covering of choice for my son and as such, it's not here for me to take a better picture. :(
The blocks were from an online BOM from Planet Patchwork. This was my first quilt that was not done with traditional country colours and the results were worth it as it's still one of my fav's!

Do you have any hand-dyed fabrics? What have you made with them?



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