Different Colours, Same Quilt Pattern

One of the things I like about going to a quilt show or to a quilt class is to see how different quilters interpret a quilt pattern with different colours. Here's a couple examples from the recent Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in Calgary:

Florals with Black Paths
 Here in this floral quilt, the multi-coloured flowers blend together and the black paths stand out.

Pastel ladders
 The clean, clear white background on this pastel version makes the ladders stand out.

A modern pattern done in blue, yellow and gray
 This great pattern has lots of movement, both from the blocks and the secondary pattern when those blocks are joined together.

Traditional colours, modern pattern
Again, a totally different look to this quilt with different colour choices!



  1. I saw those quilts too! Inside one of the tents they had several quilts displayed side by side that were the same pattern, but different colors. Did you see those?


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