It all starts with. . .

The idea for a quilt design can come from a number of different sources, a photo of a quilt, colours in nature, sketches in a notebook or a published pattern to name a few. I rarely follow a published pattern, but am very inspired by traditional patchwork patterns. And although my home is decorated in very country cabin colours (think earthy tones), I love the new colours and fabrics I find at my local quilt shop and online.

It's always exciting then, when I get a request for a custom quilt. It allows me a chance to play with colours that I may not normally use and maybe a quilt pattern that I haven't done before.  I have 3 custom quilts to make for a family. One baby quilt for the new baby expected in the fall, and two twin bed quilts for the little boy and girl who will be moving into the same room to make room for the baby.

Here's a few of the colours I am working with right now:
for the baby's quilt
for the little girl's quilt
for the little boy's quilt
Some of the fabrics selected will stay right through to the end of the process, but some will not. When working with a custom design long distance, paint chips are a great way to communicate what colours are desired.

I'll be sharing photos of this quilting project over the next few weeks, so you can feel like you are in my sewing room with me!



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