WIP Wednesday - June 20

Happy summer solstice day! Here in Alberta, we'll see the daylight until late in the evening, but its also the season of late afternoon and evening thunder showers, so we'll enjoy the extra daylight indoors!

It's been a few weeks since my last WIP post, so let me show you what we've been up to. We live on an acreage, so that translates into lots of yardwork. Somebody decided to fertilize the lawn, so it's growing great with the rain and sunshine we've been getting and that means at least once a week mowing. The stonework is done in the backyard and the garden is growing (alongside the weeds!)

And we've started the training on the 2-year old colt we have. Here he's getting his first taste of a saddle. He'll get lots of ground work done before any of us attempt to get on and ride, so hopefully, he'll get adjusted quickly!

Sewing has just about ground to a standstill. It's hard to be inside sewing when there's green growing things outside. But I do have a custom order that I've been working on - a set of two twin bed quilts plus a baby quilt for a family that's expecting a new baby in the fall. The little girl's quilt is the first one I've been working on and the little boy's quilt is not far behind.


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  1. love the colours in your quilt ....anxious to see it quilted.

  2. Great little quilt, and wonderful colt there too! We had a neighbour with horses when I was young and I loved to watch as the foals came up to being trained and eventually ridden. (was never allowed to ride them myself tho) - my mother always said she didn't want her only daughter to have a broke neck! hahaha

  3. I'm liking those colors on your quilt. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. Everything looks so good. You will have a great summer.


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