YaHaTinda Horse Trip - Part One

We've been away! I've missed all of you and wish I could have taken you with me, but since I can't bring you here, I'll bring my holiday to you! We have the privilege of living close to some of most beautiful scenery on earth and one of my favourite ways to enjoy it is off the back of a horse. So when we pack up the trailer, we also load up a couple horses, some bales of hay and head to the hills.
My trusty experienced steed Jake (18 yr old Percheron/Quarter Horse cross)
The Ya Ha Tinda area is a great area, not only for horse back riding, but hiking, hunting and fishing. The Red Deer River runs through the valley as does Big Horn Creek and there are plenty of trails to ride and hike. It is private property owned and managed by Parks Canada as a federal government owned working horse ranch. Horses are wintered and trained here to be used as working horses for patrolling and protecting Canada's Western National Parks.
My hubby's ride Sugar (4 yr old rookie Quarter Horse cross)
Many of the areas we rode are through burnt out forest as a controlled burn got out of control and fire swept through the area 3 years ago and nearly made it to the ranch buildings. I was looking for a picture of me on the back of a horse, but I guess if I want that to happen, I'll need to give up the camera to someone else!
Loved riding through the trees!

To be continued. . .


  1. I wish I could have gone with you. Love to hear of your trips. We have one mountain trip planned this year.

  2. How fun! You are in "my" neighbourhood!


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