YaHaTinda Horse Trip - Part Two

 June is a great time to be in the mountains - all the flowers seem to be blooming, but it's also the time when the water is highest as spring rains and snow melt fill the creeks and rivers. That meant we were unable to cross the river as it was much higher than its been other times we have been here.
Cinquefoil (sp?)
My niece's girls had a great wild flower book from their grandma and we went for a bit of a hike to search out some we could find and name. Rather than pick the flowers and bring them home all wilted, we took pictures so that we could look them up in the book later.
Shooting Star
Later, while we were on horseback, we came across wild columbine and huge patches of wild strawberries that will be ready for the bears to eat in a few weeks.
My niece's kids wrestling with their dad

To be continued. . .


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