YaHaTinda - Part Three

The elk mamas and babies
 Because this is basically a wilderness area, wildlife is always around even though we don't always see any. While traveling through a burn area that is now open and grassy, we found a herd of Elk does and their young. This is a very relaxed time of year for the elk and they are not overly concerned with horse-back riders coming close to them and this herd didn't move too far when we rode in close.
The elk bachelor pad
The next day, I stayed back at camp, but my hubby and his cousin went a little higher in the hills and came across this nice little bachelor herd.
Looking west - the trail just a little left of middle is where we rode the day earlier
We also heard there was sign of bear and cougar, but didn't see any and that was ok as that's not always a welcome sight when you're on horseback!

Hope you enjoyed your virtual horse back trip to YaHaTinda!


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