String Piecing Mug Rugs

I am a scrap fabric hoarder saver and this past week I took out my string fabric scraps. Strips of fabric that are larger than 3/4" and smaller than 2" are perfect for string quilts. I used some of my scraps up last year in this quilt that was made with a blocks from my online quilting friends:
Scrappy strings Baby Quilt
But I still have quite a few left and thought I'd use them for some craft sale projects. First thing I did was separate the strips by colour
Scrappy Strings ready to sew
 And on a piece of batting that was about 7"x9", I started sewing strips down, quilting as I went. The first strip goes on right side up and then the next strip right sides down on top of the first strip, lining up the edges. Sew a 1/4" seam and press open. Repeat on both sides of the first strip until the batting is covered.
Adding string scraps to batting
Trim square - I trimmed mine to 6.5"x8.5". Add backing fabric and bind as you would a normal quilt. Or if you're adventuresome, try turning your backing fabric to the front as binding.
Scrappy String Mug Rugs
And there I have some mug rugs (snack mats) that used up some of my scraps and hopefully will be great sellers at the craft sale I'm in on Saturday!


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  1. Hope they sell well for you Ann - they are very cute and a GREAT way to use those strings!

    1. Thanks Raewyn! I didn't sell any last year - spent a lot of time explaining what exactly a mug rug was! LOL! If they don't sell, they'll make great Christmas stocking stuffers for my own family! (Shhh! Don't tell!)

  2. I love all string things! Good luck at your craft sale.

  3. I just love those brown ones - it's proof that brown is very unterrated

  4. Amazing what you can do with strips and strings. They look delightful.

  5. Ann ~ I love the mug rugs, especially the autumn colors! Good luck with the Sale!

  6. They are great Ann and I was actually thinking of doing the same thing ,great to see how they look!

  7. What a great (and fast) idea, I will have to disseminate (aka steal ;-)) it.
    Hope you'll have lots of success at your sale!

  8. I hope you are successful at the craft sale. String quilts are my favorite!


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