Saturday, 27 October 2018

A few left over pieces

Like most all quilters, I have lots of fabrics in my closet (and bookshelf, and Rubbermaid tubs) and still I save a lot of my scraps. I save the selvage edge because sometimes they are just too pretty to throw out and I save scraps that are at least 1.5" square.
Straight furrows - FOR SALE
This little quilt started as a pile of mini charm squares (2.5"squares) left over from a guild retreat. I paired them up with a cream fabric and made some tiny half square triangles and then arranged them in what quilters call a straight furrows arrangement.
Straight furrows - click on photo to zoom in
 Then, because the cream fabric looked so plain, I used my decorative stitches on my sewing machine to stitch a lilac purple line of stitching along the middle of the cream line.
And the same quilt landscape instead of portrait 
Super happy with how this one turned out and used up a few scraps in the process!

There will be more scrap quilts coming as my scrap bins are not getting smaller but are actually multiplying in the closet when I close the door and turn out the lights! 


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