Memory Quilt

When I get a request for a custom memory quilt, I am torn between fear of ruining the precious clothes from a loved one and excitement at pulling together diverse pieces of fabric into a cohesive looking quilt.
 This quilt started as a collection of baby clothes from a client's son.
 Some were pastel baby print, others were bright colored.
 Superman to forest creatures to jungle prints.
 I added some gray squares to provide a little break between the varying fabrics.
 And finished it with a gray border.
The quilting was a swirl to just add texture to the overall quilt. And I thought I had a photo of the finished quilt, but I can't find it.

The client loved the final product and I was so happy to get it into her hands!

Do you have some clothes you are saving for a quilt? Email me at magpiequilts(at)gmail(dot)com to see what we can make together! (***not available outside of Canada!***)



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