Christmas Embroidery and Quilts

Last fall I purchased a combination sewing/embroidery machine (Brother NQ3500D) and I've been discovering ways to use some designs in my quilts. I've shared a Christmas quilt with you a while back that used some beautiful red work designs from Bird Brain Designs
 I love the way this quilt combines some of the elements that I really love. The scrappy little squares that form the criss cross of the Irish chain part of the design.
 And the swirling quilting that Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts did on her long arm quilting machine.
 This quilt fits so well into our country acreage lifestyle and one of our barn cats wanted to check it out!
 Quilts are not just for beds. I will drape them over chairs, stair railings, stack them folded on chairs and just casually throw them over the back of the sofa.
I may make this again in a different colorway - do you think I should do black? or blue? or browns?



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