Hello Kitty!

Ii have a repeat customer that loves quilts and quilting but is unable to do it for herself because of chronic health issues, so every so often, I do a commission quilt for her. This time it was a Hello Kitty quilt.
I selected a few designs and adjusted the colors on the embroidery to the purple my client requested. I chose bow tie blocks because Hello Kitty is always with a bow on her head.
I had a fat quarter pack of some purple prints that I thought would work great as a piano key border, but it just felt too busy and took away from the Hello Kitty designs. 
The plain purple cotton solid was a much better pick. And I ended up having all the bows turned the same direction.
I quilted 1/4" echoes around the bow ties and stippled some free motion around the embroidery. 
I added a few hanging loops and it's ready for my customer! 



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