Scrappy Trip Around the World

When I first discovered Bonnie Hunter of and her scrappy quilts, the Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt was one of the ones I wanted to make. 
While I was cleaning up and sorting and folding my scraps, I began to cut 2.5" strips for making this quilt. 
I didn't take ANY care for which fabrics I chose or didn't choose. Anything went.
So, there's a real assortment of fabrics in this colorful quilt and it makes me happy just to look at it!
Every time I added a few more blocks, I played with the layout. 
Originally, I thought Option A was the layout I would end up using, but. . .
in the end, Option B was the one that I like the best.
Our granddog was right there when I went outside to take a photo of the finished quilt. 
All the colors look fabulous!
The full effect of this quilt is exactly what drew me to this pattern from the start.
Ready to keep someone warm by the firepit on a fall evening.
Just look at those colors pop!

This quilt is destined to be a donation quilt, but I'm still waiting to hear back from the potential recipients. If it isn't claimed, it will be kept here to be used and loved.



  1. Ann this is my third attempt to make a TATWQ. As a self taught quilter who don't know anyone who quilts and we have no LQS. For my first one I purchased designer fabric online. I had 3 of the quadrants made and I HATED it wrapped it up and sent it to a charity. Now I started another one and so far I've changed the blocks 5 times. Then I saw yours and said that's what I want mine to look like. Sorry for the long post but
    I had to tell someone. Ciar.

    1. To be honest, I didn't really like this one until it was all together. Keep trying!


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