Sewing Room Clean-up

Every sew often, I have to do a little cleaning up so I can find what I'm looking for. These drawers are from IKEA and came with their own stand, but my handy husband made frames for them so I could use them in the walk in closet in my sewing room.
Often when I clean, I find fabrics that I think go good together and will set them aside in a baggie to make a quilt at a later date. 
Above are my pinks and reds all neatly folded and easy to see what's there. And below is a stack of fabrics that have similar shades. That pretty floral is a remnant from my sister's sewing for her daughters. (So, about 25-30 years old?)
I don't start with any particular pattern or design, but quilters are nothing if not resourceful and I decided on a few stars with some alternating blocks.
I cut everything out and had just enough of the floral to make the nine block centers. 
The pinks look great in a quilt together even if they weren't exact matches. It also makes the blocks more interesting than if they had all been the exact same fabric.
And this is the drawers, all neatly folded and organized. This won't last too long, but it's pretty when I do get it done!
And I used my rulers to quilt this! It's so great to have a smaller project to practice new skills and this little quilt was just the right canvas to try a few new things on
Zoom in to check out the quilting!
I had a lot of fun working on this one - sometimes it's good to do something just because it's fun!
And I used pink thread on the back too so the quilting could be seen! I still have a few thread nests that I'm sure will get less as I do more of this kind of quilting.



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