Vintage Quilt Blocks

Often I get requests to finish something started by another quilter from the past and this year I received a collection of pre-cut stars and some assembled blocks from a client's grandmother.
I was unable to use the blocks that were already pieced together as the center points didn't match up, they weren't all square and they didn't lay flat. 
 I was really sad that I wasn't able to as someone had made a lot of effort to match up solids and prints to make a large quilt.
So I took the pieces that weren't already sewn together, trimmed them down slightly to make the pieces accurate enough to make pretty blocks. My centers weren't all perfect, but they are pretty close! :)
Then I needed to find a border and sashing fabric to bring all the different stars together. 
Light Blue/Gray.

The customer ended up choosing the teal blue and it looks so great; modern and vintage at the same time. An edge to edge feather quilting design just adds to the vintage feel. 

Have you ever finished someone else's unfinished quilt? Did you enjoy the process? 



  1. Hi Ann, I DID finish someone else’s quilt! I had inherited a huge pile of fabric and in it was a quilt top that- having no interest in quilting- Went unrecognized until I used it to wrap up a sewing machine I was transporting. As I was wrapping I noticed it was little pieces of fabric sewn together. Hmmm…. I looked a little closer and realized it was 1 inch squares entirely hand stitched! I unwrapped the sewing machine! Anyway that quilt top is what got me started quilting and now I’m addicted just like the rest of the quilters out there!😂😂😂 I just love quilting, hand piecing and using scraps! The quilt top was made up of 42 blocks, each with a little Scotty dog of a different fabric on white background- also made up of 1” squares. It’s adorable and on my son-in-law’s bed since it was his mother that started it.

    1. That's a great story! Love how it sparked your quilt making!


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